Monday, December 1, 2008

Glow the circle

I figure out this trick when i see the logo of 'heroes' movie. But I create it on my own. First, open new document with black background.

And then create a new layer.

On a new layer, use marquee tool (m), hold shift while dragging cursor to make perfect circle. When a circle already made, use bucket tool (g) to fill it with white color.

(you can use any color if u like)

And then press Control + D to deselect. On the circle layer, right click layer and choose blending option.
Set outer glow & inner glow. apply this;
Outer glow = Spread : 10 Size : 40
Inner glow = Size : 30

And your circle will become shining. After that, right click on circle layer and choose flatten image like image below as well.

Your layer will combine is it? Double click on layer and rename the layer to elipse. then click ok. Hold control key and click 'add new layer', your new layer will create below elipse layer. Fill the new layer with black.

Now click at elipse layer then click 'mask'. see image below.

Now get a gradient tool (g) with a basic color (black&white) and drag your cursor from below to upper through the circle. I'm no good in English actually, so lets see the example below. your gradient should become like that.

Once again, flatten the layer.
Then go to Filter > Render > Lens flare. and apply effect. Here i choose a movie prime, you can adjust the brightness and the lenses placing as you like.

And you done.

Go to image > adjustment > black & white

The final step, Go to Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation and choose your desired color to make your circle more solid, before that, click on 'colorize' check box. then pick your color

Satisfied? And this is my result, try to play with color variety

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